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Back in the biz!

2010-12-23 03:23:26 by dukefan789

Hey guys, finally posting again! Have been out of it for at least 3 months. Hoping to make more additions to ma art and flash collections soon!

Back in the biz!


2010-09-01 01:01:33 by dukefan789

I finally had time to make a flash...not great, not popular, but it is good none the less. Well...I think it is. Looking for Voices for Yuki-chan (male) and Prosonic (female)

OMG! Made a sketch of Sasuke!

2010-08-12 02:58:51 by dukefan789

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I finally got my act together and decided to take a crack at drawing sasuke for the FIRST TIME EVA! I normally dont like to draw other people's stuff....but what they heck!

I tried with my sprite animation but I failed....oh well. I guess it was a learning experience but now I am going to make a better flash!